Long Distance Ski Races in Enontekiö

Lapponia Ski Marathon and Ski Week

There are a couple hundred kilometres of ski tracks in a beautiful landscape in Olos, Muonio, Finland and you get to explore many of these during the Lapponia ski week which is about having a good time in great company and skiing collectively for three days in the week. Everybody receives a highly admired medal and diploma from the race office in Olos. One 60km race goes between Olos, Keimiöjärvi and Olos (although you can opt for a 30km race goes between Olos, Jerisjärvi and Olos that day). The 50km route is between Vuontisjärvi, Pallas and Olos with an option to shorten it to 25km between Pallas and Olos. The grand finale is an 80km race between Hetta and Olos with the option to reduce it to 40km if starting in Kerässieppi instead.

Saami Ski Race
This annual race from Hetta to Kautokeino is increasingly popular on the long distance race calendar. This race takes place each Easter and follows an ancient mail delivery path from the village of Hetta to Kautokeino, in Norway. In the old days mail was carried on foot, on skis or with a reindeer sled. The 90km freestyle race starts from the community center of Enontekiö, the village of Hetta. The 60km race starts from the village of Näkkälä, close to the Norwegian border and the 30 km ski trip starts from Siebe and finishes in Kautokeino. Transport from Hetta to the start of the various shorter courses is provided. There are classes for men and women and although the skiingstyle is free, and you may ski classic style on a groomed track.