Travel via Norway

The closest airport to us, after Enontekio and Kittila in Finland, is in the tiny village of Alta, right in the far north of Norway. Alta is 210km from Hetta and lies right beside the Arctic ocean. Fort those interested in visiting Nordkapp (the North Cape), it is c. a further 200km.

It is relatively easy to hire cars in Norway and 'rent a wreck' means that not all of the prices need be right through the roof. They journey, through a beautiful gorge and Arctic tundra landscapes, takes about 2 hours.

En route, you pass through the Sami capital of Kautokeino - the last village on the Norwegian side of the border, c. 80km from Hetta, which has an interesting silver gallery and Sami museum.

There are seasonal (summer) bus connections from Alta to Hetta with Eskelisen Lapin Linjat. However, it is relatively easy to always get a connection to Kautokeino, the border village about 40km North of us. PIck-ups can be arranged from there.

Those heading from Kautokeino, rather, towards Inari and the NE of Norway, have a more challenging public transport route, unless you hire a car.

Flights into Tromso (c. 350km from Hetta) are an alternative option for those who are keen to explore one of the most vibrant cities in the far North. There are morning connections to Palojoensu in Finland - a road junction c. 20km from our farm in the summer months via the Finnish bus company Eskelisen Lapin Linjat. From Palojoensu, we can organise a pick-up or you can connect through to Hetta with Eskelisen Lapin Linjat or Matkahuolto bus companies. The summer buses in 2016 run between 2nd June and 18th September (you will need to enter Palojoensuu in the destination field).

For those who want to hire a car, you will have a beautiful 1.5 hour journey alongside the Arctic Ocean through the Lyngen Alps and Skibotn to the border town of Kilpisjarvi. From there, it is c. 2 hours (c. 170km) to Hetta through the arctic tundra landscape of the high fells.

If you want to make the stunning journey even more scenic you can journey through the heart of the Lyngen Alps and take a small car ferry for one leg of the journey:

If, for some reason, you are approaching from the south of Norway, eg, from Narvik, c.400km away, we would recommend cutting inland via Sweden and Kiruna since it is a more direct journey than trying to follow the coastal Norwegian roads.

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