Are you looking for a fun way to break the monotony of remote working or a very long video chat with your colleagues? We have the solution: Huskies!!
Your husky of choice can also pop up during your evening catch up with the family or your Friday night pint with your mates!
Come and join us in the platform you prefer. Our dogs are very sociable and they are always looking forward to meeting new friends.
The huskies introduced below are available every day between 10am and 7pm Finnish time which is GMT +2 (excluding feeding time… no, not our dinner, theirs!).
Our dogs can also deliver a message or we can record them while they are doing it and share the video with you! How cool is that?!




Only pup from Darja and Pete, Bonzo is now almost 10 but don’t say it out loud, he still thinks he is a puppy! He loves nothing more than cuddles and playing fetch with a stick or a snow ball.

With a bit more free time this season, he picked up some Mandarin and Russian lessons as well as carrying on with his true passion: gardening

What to expect from Bonzo:
- He would fetch anything you throw
- Just the right amount of craziness
- Never-ending cuteness


These cute brothers will make you laugh and fall in love with their goofiness. They also will come with a 2 x 1 offers because it’s almost impossible to keep them apart.

At the age of 11 and half they are slowing down with their sled dog career, giving them more time to practise laser tag and 10 pins bowling.

What to expect from Yasper and Yesper:
- Fluff
- A lot of running around
- More fluff

One of our Siberian Huskies, this beautiful, reddish ball of fluff is leaving behind his puppyhood and getting ready for a fantastic life as a sled dog. Turning 2 in just few months’ time, he is choosing a career as a solo adventurer.
What to expect from Georgie:
- Big ego (he knows he is gorgeous!)
- Showing off his perfect manicure
- A good chat about pro and cons of using hair products within the Arctic Circle


Our latest litter from one of our great lead dogs “Selje”, these 7 siblings will make you fall in love with the charm that only a puppy can pull off. Say hi to Scamp, Solo, Sonic, Sierra, Siren, Star and Skylar!

They are loud and full of energy, but they promise to behave when they deliver your message! As they are still young, they haven’t found their true passion just yet, however we all see them as very promising “Cirque Du Soleil” acrobats.

What to expect from the “S pups”:
- Virtual cuddles, that’s for sure!
- Lots of very composed sitting
- Heart-shaped eyes begging for treats!


What can we say about this beautiful girl? She is one of Hetta’s most famous dog and she is the sassiest you will ever meet. Like any teenager she always tries to have the last word… pardon, the last woof!

What to expect from Dove:
- Random barking
- Constant movement (she can’t stay still!)
- Ice blue eyes and a lot of swagger
- Dove being Dove