Working Sleddog
Gender: Female
Origin: Purchased, Brynjar Berg Myreng, Norway, 2018
Microship Number: 999111000014803
Weight: 17
Born: 08/09/2016
More About Me:
My sister Uzi and I were both super tiny at birth - just 90g. We were nearly given up on, but we have a strong will to survive. We are more white than our sister, Daisy, but we all have similar features to our half sister Frida. When we first came, the only thing that could distinguish me from my sister Uzi, was that I had a blue collar, although in reality, I am a tad bigger too, despite not being the best eater, a little bit less shy and do not have the little white patch on my forehead like Uzi.
Safari Distance Category: Unlimited distance
Lifetime Total Distance Run: 1,968km
Season Rank: 132nd / 224
Usual Position: Trainee Leader
Mother x Father: Pepsi (Bjørnar Andersen) / Either a brother of Ulna or another dog from Roger Dahl was the father of the Gun Pups.
Siblings: Daisy, Uzi, Magnum, Glock, Half-Sirbma, Frida.
Usual Feeding Categories: Small dog Portion
Usual Partner:
Bad Combination With: