Oldish Working Sleddog
Gender: Spayed Female
Origin: Original HH Dog, Juha-Pekka, Finland, 2008
Microship Number: 985121010719956
Weight: 18
Born: 02/01/2007
More About Me:
I am supposedly the best lead dog on the whole farm but my owners are not entirely convinced that I know my left (HAW) from right (GEE). I had my first litter of pups on Oct. 31st 2008 consisting of 7 pups (6 boys and 1 girl) and I had my second litter of pups (The "S Pups") on the 18th July 2014. I am also a grandmother to the "O Pups". I am a little shy by nature, (more than my brother) but most of my pups do not seem to be, which is great. Bizarrly, folk still mix my brother and I up. Samu is slimmer and has floppy ears and more white in the face. Sanna is a bit wider, one ear tends to be pointy, white stripe in her face looks asymmetrical, she is usually more shy and will bark at you.
Safari Distance Category: 20km max
Lifetime Total Distance Run: 14,017km
Season Rank: 184th / 224
Usual Position: Star Lead Dog
Mother x Father: No Records Kept by Juha Peka / No Records Kept by Juha Peka
Siblings: Samu.
Usual Feeding Categories: Small dog
Usual Partner: Hazel, Hippi, Indigo, Malla, Matsku, Nea, Olive, Princess, Storm, Suka, Venla, (Diva), Ouzo, Samu
Bad Combination With: Cherry, Hulda, Trouble, Venus