First Season Pup - Team Dog
2nd season Sleddog
Gender: Male
Origin: Bred In-House, HH's Own
Microship Number: 990000001039518
Weight: 23
Born: 13/08/2017
More About Me:
I am Sirbma’s second pup and first boy, and was born with some black/brown colouring that made me easy to tell apart from my brother Cedar. We all needed extra help feeding when we were younger, so we have been well-handled and are less crazy than most puppies our age!Pecan, Oak, Hawk, Shamrock and Samurai were potential names for me. Brown Arms and face with brown eyebrows. I get super excited before running and it´s hard for me to control myself.
Safari Distance Category: 2-Day safari max
Lifetime Total Distance Run: 1,835km
Season Rank: 84th / 224
Usual Position: First Season Pup - Team Dog
Mother x Father: HH Sirbma / HH Leon
Siblings: Willow, Cedar, Apple, Maple.
Usual Feeding Categories: Small dog
Usual Partner: Tarvos
Bad Combination With: