Team/Wheel Dog
Oldish Working Sleddog
Gender: Spayed Female
Origin: Original HH Dog, Luosto, Finland, 2007
Microship Number: 985120032153864
Weight: 18
Born: 01-08-2007
More About Me:
It is hard to capture how cute I am in a photograph. I am full of feminine tricks that make me irresistible. I have my owners wrapped around my ‘paws’ and often manage to persuade them to take me home with them. On Nov. 10th 2008 I had my first 7 pups: 4 girls and 3 boys but, cute as they are, none are as cute as me.
Safari Distance Category: 12km max
Lifetime Total Distance Run: 13,862km
Season Rank: 205th / 224
Usual Position: Team/Wheel Dog
Mother x Father: Muska / Raakku
Siblings: Cloud, Bono, Madonna.
Usual Feeding Categories: Small dog
Usual Partner: Aida, Bella, Diva, Hazel, Madonna, Sanna, Storm, Tuuli, Venus, (Koukoun, Kurpitsa, Okra, Olive, Tahti, Taiga), Benji, Bino, Bonzo, Chocolate, Cloud, Jupi, Leon, Simba,Tarmo
Bad Combination With: