Working Sleddog
Gender: Castrated Male
Origin: Bred In-House, HH's Own
Microship Number: 977200007526409
Weight: 23
Born: 11/02/2011
More About Me:
Having to choose 9 names beginning with 'o' is hard! Hence, for a while, I was known as Yella because of my collar colour (yellow) and then Otto. We settled on Oates because of the polar theme since he was the guy who left Scott’s tent to die on his 32nd birthday, saying, ‘I am just going outside, and may be some time’. I had a bad rash for about a month when I was a pup, but it did finally clear up with baby oil!
Safari Distance Category: Unlimited distance
Lifetime Total Distance Run: 18,260km
Season Rank: 22nd / 224
Usual Position: Star Lead Dog
Mother x Father: HH Grumpy / HH Tengri
Siblings: Obama, Ouzo, Osman, Odin, Owl, Oscar, Olive, (Okra).
Usual Feeding Categories: Big dog
Usual Partner: Aki, Arun, Bonzo, Bran, Cloud, Doffen, (Hawthorne) Hendrix, Jupi, Kiri Kiri Lassi Leon (Madonna) Malla, Merlin 1 Monty Osman, (Pekki) Sequoia, Starsky, Thunder, Togo,
Bad Combination With: , (Nanu)