Retired Sleddog
Gender: Castrated Male
Origin: New Home Request, T. Metzner, Sweden, 2009
Microship Number: 985120030859335
Weight: 24
Born: 15/12/2007
More About Me:
I too came from Sweden. I was super skinny when I got here and I got fed three times as much food as all the other dogs but I still never put on much weight. I can be a little shy and neverous but once I get to know you I enjoy attention. I am great with puppies and love looking after them.
Safari Distance Category: 2km walks only
Lifetime Total Distance Run: 8,633km
Season Rank: 220th / 224
Usual Position: Wheel Dog
Mother x Father: Unknown / Unknown
Usual Feeding Categories: Special Diet (eg Hypoallergenic)
Usual Partner: Bruiser, Hawthorne, Herbie, Hickory, Jesse, Leon, Nalle, Shadow, Simba, Sisu, Smeagol Grumpy, Tuuli
Bad Combination With: Mercury, Nomad, Yoda