First Season Pup - Team Dog
2nd season Sleddog
Gender: Castrated Male
Origin: Purchased 2018, Harald Turnheim, Norway, 2018
Microship Number: 578097809153493
Weight: 22
Born: 25/08/2017
More About Me:
My mother and father were Karlsson and Selen who were both leaders for Harald Turnheim. I am of medium size, white with blue eyes and a little wild..a typical young male. I have been pretty well socialised but I am at the stage at which I like to see if I can be dominant so I can play a little tough. I am sure that I will be an outstanding sleddog once I settle down. I am registered with "
Safari Distance Category: 2-Day safari max
Lifetime Total Distance Run: 1,519km
Season Rank: 124th / 224
Usual Position: First Season Pup - Team Dog
Mother x Father: Selen / Karlsson
Usual Feeding Categories: Small dog
Usual Partner:
Bad Combination With: