Working Sleddog
Gender: Female
Origin: Rescue, Nordic Husky Tours, Sweden, 2018
Microship Number: 752098100734450
Weight: 16
Born: 21/04/2015
More About Me:
I arrived in June 2018 from Sweden with Cookie 2 (whose name was changed to Sookie) and Laura and Grizzly. My father was Sid, by Mats Pettersson, whose father and mother, in turn, were Kibble (John Baker, USA) and Mega (Sven Engholm). From the great grandparents generation, Scotch and Snap came from John Baker and Rumber (Jeff King) and Maya (Sven Engholm). Further back, Peppy (Doubg Swingley) and Snapp (John Baker) produced Scotch. Marley (Lester Erhart) and Indogo (Dave Sheer) produced Snap. Uksi (Susan Butcher) and Alberta (Jeff King) produced Rumber and Ore (Ralph Johannessen Norge) and Danskar (Sven) produced Maya. From my mother, SpringSpring's (by Petter Karlsson) side, my grandparents were Slim (Nalisvaara / Isaksoon) and Racey (C. Bergstrom). Fucken (Nalisvaara / Isakssn) and Sarenna (J.E: Isaksson) produced Slim and Dodger (Saundersson) and Alice (C.Bergstrom) produced Racey. Rex (G.Wright) and Fancy (A-E Aase) produced Fucken; Gustav and Nelly (J-E Isaksson) produced Sarenna; Victor and Fancy (Sundersson) produced Dodger and Don and Moodi (C. Bergstrom) produced Alice. The father of my pups was called Bull (originally called <a href="https://www.trekkhundregisteret.no/dog/37524-vasco-taisto/"> <b>Vasco) </b></a> and unfortunately had some breathing difficulties but this wasn't considered by those who decided to breed from him
Safari Distance Category: Unlimited distance
Lifetime Total Distance Run: 1,711km
Season Rank: 103rd / 224
Usual Position: Trainee Leader
Mother x Father: Spring-Spring / Sid
Usual Feeding Categories: Fat dog Portion
Usual Partner: (Jenga, Laura)
Bad Combination With: