Working Sleddog
Gender: Female
Origin: Purchased, Marianne Skjöthaug, Norway, 2016
Microship Number: 578097809155462
Weight: 20
Born: 10/04/2014
More About Me:
My sister, my mother and I all came to Hetta Huskies from Marianne Skjøthaug's kennel, an hour west of Alta. I am totally golden, like my mother Svale, but you can see our Alaskan husky lines through my sister, Delta
Safari Distance Category: Unlimited distance
Lifetime Total Distance Run: 7,368km
Season Rank: 62nd / 224
Usual Position: Lead Dog
Mother x Father: HH Svale (Jesus / Nuni) / Harley (Loke / Tyv)
Siblings: Beta, Delta
Usual Feeding Categories: Small dog Portion
Usual Partner: Venla, Saturn, Svale, Cookie, Billie, Dunhill, Olive, Beta, Venus, Vivi, Grumpy, Tarmo
Bad Combination With: