First Season Pup - Team Dog
2nd season Sleddog
Gender: Female
Origin: Bred In-House, HH's Own
Microship Number: 990000001039754
Weight: 17
Born: 17/07/2017
More About Me:
I was Saturn's sixth-born pup. Light brown, full blaze-nose white markings, light face. Aurora, Moon and Nova were all considered as my names. I am the smallest, gentlest and prettiest of Saturn’s Moon Pup litter. When I was small, I was my big brother Titan’s best buddy and his little shadow. I am the calmest to cuddle with – but I can be super loud so that you don`t oversee me!
Safari Distance Category: 2-Day safari max
Lifetime Total Distance Run: 1,769km
Season Rank: 94th / 224
Usual Position: First Season Pup - Team Dog
Mother x Father: HH Saturn / HH Zeus / HH Tore
Siblings: Titan, Pandora, Calypso, Narvi, Tarvos, Luna.
Usual Feeding Categories: Big dog Portion
Usual Partner: Madonna, Princess, Grumpy, Vivi,
Bad Combination With: