Working Sleddog
Gender: Castrated Male
Origin: Rescue, Tuula Saari 2014
Microship Number: 977200007529985
Weight: 21
Born: 20/04/2011
More About Me:
I am the only dog on our farm who will reliably play 'fetch' and I am super playful. I am a literal little miracle since my mom, Darja, was naughty and had an abortion when she lived at another farm, but I still managed to pop out as a surprise to everyone. I am now good in lead and I have finally learned to pace myself - when young, I used to 'give my all' and then collapse at the end of each and every run but I have become a really good multiday dog. One thing to note about me, however, is that I bear grudges, and have had a number of dogs with whom I have lived in a cage successfully for a number of months, and then had a falling-out over jealousy if the other was cuddled and then I don't know the meaning of 'forgive and forget'
Safari Distance Category: Unlimited distance
Lifetime Total Distance Run: 15,131km
Season Rank: 155th / 224
Usual Position: Lead Dog
Mother x Father: HH Darja /
Usual Feeding Categories: Fat dog Portion
Usual Partner: Unpredictable - Mars, Nalle, Oates, Obama, Odin, Oscar, Osman, Ouzo, Samu, Save, Tengri, Thunder, (Hendrix, Leon, Malik, Nomad), Princess, Svale
Bad Combination With: Chocolate, Yoda, (Kiri Kiri)