Autumn / Early Winter Sled-Dog Training Weeks :


7-day Sleddog Training Course


Week 38: Sept. 17th - 23rd Places Available
Week 39: Sept. 24th - 30th Places Available
Week 40: Oct. 1st - 7th Places Available
Week 41: Oct. 8th - 14th Places Available
Week 42: Oct. 15th - 21st Places Available
Week 43: Oct. 22nd - 28th Places Available
Week 44: Oct. 29th - Nov. 4th Places Available

Autumn and Spring Price: €1200
Duration: 1 week.
Includes: 6 nights accommodation in a hotel and half board.

Autumn is one of the most dog-intensive times of year in the life of a guide. From a training perspective, we are out with the dogs conditioning training them on quadbikes or sleighs all day, every day, and in-between, somehow finding time to work with the new pups that are born at this time of year. Hence, this is the time of year to visit for those with a real interest in dogs and dog psychology. By the end of your week, you will not only have a good insight into all the work that goes on behind the scenes in order to get the dogs ready for the running season, but you will leave with a true appreciation of both the rigor and rewards of being a husky guide. You will also, no doubt, find it hard to leave your favourite dogs behind!

Whilst here, you will be put in charge, (alongside your personal mentor), of a specific group of dogs that you will rotate through both conditioning, gee and haw and individual training through the week. These will include a mixture of leaders, trainee leaders, pups, 2nd season dogs, team and wheel dogs and seasoned veterans - all of whom, you will quickly learn, have slightly different training needs.

You will be given the opportunity to learn as much as you want to about the behind-the-scenes planning that goes into the training - for instance, how we compile the teams using computerised systems ahead of time - and you will have a chance to discover the best of the trail network in the greater Hetta area if you want to take your favourite dogs on evening hikes. Finnish people think that Autumn is one of the best times of the year to visit Hetta and trek in the nearby National park since the Autumnal colours of the landscape are truly breathtaking.

Some people want to really get stuck in and will turn up for morning watering and pooping and will stay for evening feeding but this is not necessary if you do not want to and you may find that you need a rest from this on at least some of the days since Autumn training is also physical for humans!

If you want time off during your week to visit a local reindeer farm, to souvenir shop or to hike or bike more - that isn't a problem at all. These weeks are generally very flexible. However, expect that the bulk part of most of your days will be outside on the quad-bike or the sleighs working continually with the dogs in the Arctic landscape.

If you think that 7-days of intensive husky training might be too much for you, maybe consider a 3-day guide-training school followed by a 2-3 day guided hike in the National Park?