Guided Biking in Hetta

There are many popular 1 day bike routes around Hetta and most of these are well described and accessible through apps like ULKO (apple) / Rewindr (android). Hence, many people simply rent bikes from us and head out onto one of the area's many trails (as described in our 'location' section of the website). However, for those who prefer to head out with a guide, worry not. Some of the very best trails in the area are actually quite hard to find and not very well described on the apps so these we offer as guided options.

Don't forget, too, that Fatmax-Joring - or maybe even bikejoring (if we have some bikes set up) - could be an option for you, since those are super fun activities that you may not be able to try many places! Fatmax-joring is basically a chance to experience being pulled by a dog, whilst pushing a fat-tyred kick-bike and bikejoring is the same but using a fat-bike.

Fatbike / E-fatbike Experience Trails
7km of Singletrack Fun
Downtown Trails
Other trail options in Enontekiö.

Test a Fatbike / E-bike for an hour on our Farm Trails

For those hoping to try out fat bikes or E-bikes for the first time, we have a couple of short and sweet trails close by the farm (basically our 2km and inner loop and our ridge trail) that you can test out your bike of choice on. This product is designed to take c. 1 hour from start to finish so we will bike as much as possible - or as much you like - in that time. Don't worry, we won't run out of fun trails to bike along!

FYI If you want a quick spin without the guide, we can sort the bikes out for you and clean them etc afterwards for just €20pp. And, if 2km is not enough, we can - as usual - go around again / plan for a c.4km ride on slightly different tracks for an extra €10pp.

Summer Price: Adults €35, Children €25.
Winter Price: Adults €40, Children €25.

Little Singletrack Gem

We have a super little c.7km summer route with lots of singletrack sections close to the farm which we often nip out on in the evenings. We start by biking down towards the river, cross the road and then head back across the sand dunes on undulating singletrack towards our winter 12km trail. For those who are willing to brave a short section of marsh which is sometimes bikeable and sometimes results in wet feet, the reward of the views along the shore of Ounasjarvi, high above the dune cliffs is well worth the effort. Come and have a short blast of fun with us on a 'locals-only' trail which you won't find in any guidebook!

Price: Adults €80
Duration: 1.5 hours
Includes: Bike, helmet, guide.

Connect the downtown trails

Our little singletrack gem is a little too technical / exploratory for some but our downtown 'connecting trails' route is suitable for any age. We start off behind the school on the undulating illuminated ski track but we turn off before the steep uphill and almost make it to the ski centre before turning back on ourselves for a small exhillerating section of singletrack which leads to a quarry and then back to the original trails. We have tried to describe this route to people many times but seems to be too hard to find without someone along to guide the ride. This route is suitable for outdoorsy kids from c. the age of 7.

Price: Adults €80
Duration: 1.5 hours
Includes: Bike, helmet, basic repair kit and guide.

For other classic Enontekiö routes, please see our 'Biking in Enontekiö' page.