Hetta Huskies in Kilpisjärvi

8km Call of the Wild

Join us for an exhilarating husky-sledding experience on the spectacular lake of Kilpisjärvi!

Our sleighs take two adults - one as a driver and one as a passenger - or two adults and a small child. Older children can sit together (or alone) in a sleigh driven by a parent - or they can ‘lead the way’ in the security of the guide sleigh.

Don’t worry, we can figure out what is best for your family! (Please bring masks in case our guides end up driving you!) :)

We start each tour with a quick introduction to the dogs and then detailed driving and safety instructions. Once you feel prepared for the adventure, we will set off on safari…

Half-way through the tour we will stop to give the dogs a short rest and to allow you to swap passenger and driver roles. That way, everyone gets to both experience the thrill of driving and to take photos of the dogs and the spectacular Saana fell.
The tour itself lasts about 40 minutes but with the safety briefing and time spent post tour cuddling the dogs and learning about both their individual characters and their lifestyle in the north, you will need to set aside c. 1.5 hours for this sled-dog experience.

(Booking a solo or guide-driven sleigh is possible @ €175…just let us know your preference at the time of booking).

Welcome to the world of sleddogs!

Available: Through the winter
Programme Duration: c. 1.5 hours
Daily Departures @: 12pm - 1.30pm and 2pm - 3.30pm
Price: Adults €95, Children (age 3 – 11) €50, Babies and Toddlers free, Solo or guide-driven sleigh €175
Price includes: Detailed driving instructions and safety briefing, 8km safari and time getting to know, and learn more about, the dogs.

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