Working Sleddog
Gender: Female
Origin: Purchased, Brynjar Berg Myreng, Norway, 2018
Microship Number: 999111000014804
Weight: 15
Born: 08/09/2016
More About Me:
I came to Hetta Huskies with my siblings in Spring 2018. I am a strong little dog, and pull really well in the team. It seems I am quite easy to place with other dogs when running. I'm a little cautious with people, but I really want to be loved and I really appreciate quiet-time one-on-one with the guides.
Safari Distance Category: Unlimited distance
Lifetime Total Distance Run: 2,584km
Season Rank: 68th / 224
Usual Position: Trainee Leader
Mother x Father: Pepsi (Bjørnar Andersen) / Either a brother of Ulna or another dog from Roger Dahl was the father of the Gun Pups.
Siblings: Uzi, Tikka, Magnum, Glock. Half-Frida and Sirbma
Usual Feeding Categories: Small dog Portion
Usual Partner: Uzi, Tikka, Hippi, Bali, Suka, Madonna, Vivi, Princess,
Bad Combination With: