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  • General Notes about Campfires

    Metsähallitus has decided to grant general permission to light fires in the terrain in Lapland - so long as there isn't a forest fire warning in effect and so long as you are not on someone's private land without permission.

    At such times, it is completely forbidden.

    In nature reserves for which a maintenance and utilisation plan or regulations have been issued, you must comply with the items outlined in these documents when lighting fires.

    Please note, however, that you may only use fallen dry branches and twigs and small stumps as kindling/firewood. If you wish to use fallen trees for this purpose you need a separate permit, which costs €4.25 per cubic metre of wood. Felling trees is strictly forbidden. The permit can be purchased from The Fell-Lapland Nature Centre.

    When selecting a spot for your campfire use an old campfire site if you can find one. In places where there is a maintained campfire site within 500 metres, all fires must be lit at the campfire site. Lighting campfires is not recommended in areas with few trees.