Whole-Day and Half-Day Adventure Packages

We offer half-day and full-day adventure packages on our farm in winter which combine the husky side of our business, some survival school tasks and a chance to try your hand at some classic winter sports.

We have a range of activities that can be adapted to the number in your group and the range of ages taking part. Suggestions for adult groups are made, below.

Winter Adventure Mornings
Winter Adventure Days

Winter Adventure Mornings

This morning involves both snowshoeing and time with the dogs. At the start of your morning adventure we kit you out in snowshoes and take you on a beautiful 1.5km hike through nature to the dog farm. Once there, you can leave snowshoes behind you for a while, so that you can meet the dogs, play with the pups and see how well you do (with them) on our puppy agility course.

You are probably thirsty by this stage, so we will teach you how to make a fire the Finnish way (if you are interested) and stop for a quick hot juice and snack break within a traditional kota (teepee).

We will then prepare a team of dogs with you and head out onto the marsh so that you can either experience our six kilometer loop with your own team or play with your sleigh / quad on our GEE HAW training tracks within the farm routes. Once back at the farm, you will help us to put them back in their kennels, learning more about the dogs along the way.

NB: You may also get a chance to drive the snowmobile that will have been accompanying you for safety back up to the house with one of the guides - but those kind of incidental adventures, we will play by ear.

Duration: c. 10am - 1.30pm
Price: Adults, €135. Children, €90.
Availability: This is a product that we primarily offer in spring when the tracks and snow-conditions are good and we are not so busy with the dogs.

Winter Adventure day

In a winter adventure day you will essentially get to try snow-shoeing, mushing and cross country skiing and we will give you a skijoring demonstration. You will also be able to join in, with the guides, with the evening feed and potentially help them to take the equipment like snowmobiles back up to the farmhouse area for the night. This product differs from our 'day in the life of a husky guide' in that it is more about an introduction to a variety of winter sports, including dog sledding, rather than a focus on the kind of work we do with the dogs.

On the morning snowshoe walk, we will head far out onto the marshes on a hidden ridge close to our land and then head back, across country, until we hit one of our mushing tracks. Breaking trail can be quite hard work after a fresh snowfall, but there will be no rest for the weary since we will then head straight out with the teams to experience one of the longer day-length safari routes before lunch.

Lunch will be spent at a lakeside cabin on the far shores of Lake Ounasjarvi. You will see why Finns are expert fire-makers, since preparing a fire and heating up a cabin is always the first duty when arriving at a wilderness base.

After lunch, we will head back to the farm and put the dogs away. If you still have energy to spare, this will be your chance to try out cross country skiing on the track network that we also use for training our dogs. Those of you with sufficient skill can experience the art of skijoring (skiing whilst attached to one of our dogs) for the first time.

If you are not sufficiently skilled to try this out for yourself, one of the guides will give you a demonstration as to how we use skijoring as a training tool - particularly with trainee leaders - at this time of year.

If you wish to stay for the evening feed at the end of your jam-packed activity day, you will be more than welcome. NB: We would chose a slightly different snowshoeing route for family groups and we would have to know shoe-sizes ahead of time in order for children to be able to take part in the cross country skiing part of the day.

Duration: c. 10am - 5pm
Price: Adults, €195. Children, €150.

Availability: This is a product that we primarily offer in spring when the tracks and snow-conditions are good and we are not so busy with the dogs.