Sponsor Me Please!

The following dogs are some of our least useful sled-dogs but since they are probably not so easy to find new homes for, we are fully expecting to care for them into their old age. For this reason, we have them on the 'please sponsor me' list, since any help at all with their long term care would be appreciated.

Don't worry if you cannot afford the full cost of keeping the dog here through the year (as detailed in sponsorship options). Any help at all towards each of these characters will be much appreciated.

Please send all sponsorship enquiries to hettahuskiessponsorship@gmail.com.

Patapov | KGB | Ronnie | Tog


Offically the biggest dog on the whole farm. When he was born he weighed a huge 560 grams and during adulthood he is still impressively heavy. When you look at his face he does oftentimes look a little grumpy but he is infact a very happy dog and enjoys attention and meeting new people. He is darker and a little bigger than his brother Drizen and enjoys running with him in wheel. However, he tends to have a problem with pooping when he starts to run faster than he is comfortable with, and he has never learned to poop 'on the go'. When such a large dog stops to try to poop (which happens with him frequently), unfortunately the whole team grinds to a halt. Hence for the sake of the rest of the dogs who keep being pulled backwards by him, we are actively looking for a new home for him and in the meantime, would be very happy to have some extra help with keeping him healthy since he certainly doesn’t earn his own keep.

In addition to his 'pooping problem', poor Patapov cracked one of his front canines and it has been slowly deteriorating over time but the top section is still so well embedded in his jaw that our local vets haven't been able to remove it. Hence, the poor lad has had infection after infection to deal with as we wait for a slot at a veterinary practice in Rovaniemi. The whole process is costing a small fortune!

Finally, Patapov also developed a tendency to limp in the 2015-16 season which meant that his running days became even more curtailed. This meant that, in combination with his tooth issue, this poor boy has pretty much been stuck in the sick dog area for the last couple of years. He also has a tendency in summer to eat dirt and then need the sand flushed out of his stomach so he is a bit of a mess, all things considered, and we are having to build him a special 'Patapov-proof floored cage'. We think he would be so much happier in a home like his lucky brother Drizen, who is living a merry life in Switzerland at present.


Sister to Patapov, Drizen and Fala, KGB is a big and loving girl. KGB is a big softie who enjoys cuddles and getting attention. Even though she isn't the greatest sled-dog as she can be a little unpredictable with other dogs when she gets excited, and her large frame means that she struggles to keep up with many of our faster Alaskan husky mixes. She still enjoys running and being part of the team. Even though she doesn’t mind the cold, we still think she would be better suited to resting on a comfy couch, particularly because she was operated for an inguinal hernia which we need to just keep an eye on.

KGB’s sister, Fala, was lucky enough to be adopted by one of our guides when he left us to return to France. KGB misses her sister and would very much like her own soft couch to sleep on. In the meantime, we enjoy giving her cuddles since she has one of the softest dog hair coats on the farm. KGB stands out with her unsual howl which can sometimes sound like a cow mooing.


Ronnie is a rescue from a nearby farm that we managed for a short while. After we stopped working with them, we were super sad to see that a large number of dogs were put down at the end of the season to save having to feed them throughout the summer months. We reached back out to them to say that we were willing to find alternative homes for the ones they didn’t want and to keep them in the interim. In this way, we were able to rescue Ronnie.

Ronnie was one of the results of (many) unplanned breedings between a Pyrenees Mastiff (Roi) and female huskies from that farm. Unfortunately, his heavy bone structure means that he doesn’t really enjoy running safaris - particularly longer ones. Instead, he just plods away on short tours (like Drizen, Patapov and KGB) but essentially we are just keeping him here until we can find a new home for him. We would definitely appreciate some financial help to keep him here in good health in the interim.


Tog came to us from a downsizing farm in Ivalo, in 2014. He is not a husky, but rather a rare breed originating from Siberia – the ‘Nenets Laika’. Tog came together with four brothers and a sister, and we refer to them collectively as ‘the fluffies’. Their long woolly hair makes them well suited to working in the harsh arctic conditions (although strangely the males seem to lack adequate hair on their testicles, meaning we have to watch them closely to make sure they don’t develop frostbite!), but it does require a lot of maintenance in the form of daily brushing! Although they are not the strongest or fastest dogs when compared to our Alaskan Huskies, they are solid and dependable, generally able to work in any position in the team.

When Tog arrived he was already missing his right eye, and we later discovered that he was beginning to develop some kind of degenerative disease in the other. He lives permanently in our ‘sick-dog’ area right outside the house, so that we can treat his eye condition every morning and every night. With the (rather expensive!) medications preserving his sight, he is a happy and energetic dog – his previous owners used to refer to him as the clown of the litter. He loves the company of people and is learning to run free around the farmyard. Anyone who is lucky enough to adopt Tog in his retirement (in a few more years!) will be a lucky person indeed!

Running Position: Team/Wheel, D.O.B: 01.10.2008, 2016-17 season running total: 2,291km