Facilities in Hetta, Enontekiö

It is sometimes hard to find clear information (particularly in any language other than Finnish) about the facilities and man-made attractions in this area and the times at which they are open. Hence, we have tried to collate a wide variety of information here to facilitate your stay.

Further information about local businesses and other websites of relevance to this area can be found from the 'Useful Links' section of our website.

Places to Visit in Hetta | Other Tourist-Related Facilities


Hetta Huskies Farm
Of course the Hetta Huskies farm is by far the most interesting attraction in Hetta. Not that we are biased of course!

Fell Lapland's Nature Centre (Otherwise known locally as The Skierri)
The Fell-Lapland Nature Centre is located near the base of the ski centre, just past Hotel Hetta, has a cafe (Cafe Pulmunen) which is open to both customers and those using the nearby trails during office opening hours. The café serves homemade products and there is also a computer the customers can use.

You can book a guided tour in the exhibitions, maximum group size is 30 people and the price 45€ / hour / group. The auditorium shows many short movies about the culture and the nature in Enontekiö without cost, ask at the reception. Hetta's 'cinema' is also situated in Fell Lapland Nature Centre. Movies are shown once a week, on Friday evening.

The permanent exhibition is Vuovjjuš – Wanderers. Vuovjjuš describes the Nomadic Sámi, the tenacious and self sufficient people who dwell in the fells. In addition, there are several changing exhibitions on science and arts as well as a permanent exhibition about wanderers in the north, (about the expeditions, clergy and artists who have influenced Enontekiö), the 8 seasons, the Yrjö Kokko library and a children's play area are all fun things to explore.

From the Visitor Centre, you can get advice for your hiking and skiing trips, buy maps and fishing and hunting permits. You can also rent the wilderness huts at the National park and wilderness areas from here.

The nature centre has two main opening times in the year depending on when it is high and low season. High season is between mid July and end-September and again in March and April. At these times, the Skierri is open from 9am to 5pm daily. Low season months are from May to mid July and again, from September until the end of February. At these times, the Skierri is open Monday to Friday, 9am – 4pm.

Hetta Church
The church is located in the centre of Hetta Village in the municipality of Enontekiö. It was built in 1952 and is the municipality's sixth church (www.enontekio.fi). It was designed by architect Veikko Larkas. The mural on the wall behind the altar was designed by the artist Uuno Eskola. The church holds services and arranges carol singing in English during the winter season, and is open every day in July since it is one of Finland's so-called 'road' churches.

Hetta's Snow Castle
Another popular attraction during the winter months, is Hetta's unique Snow Castle, which is built yearly in December, until it gradually melts in the May spring sun. The castle attracts c. 5,000 visitors each year. More information can be found from http://www.icecastle.fi/

Information Centre
The information centre is normally located in the Skierri – The Fell Lapland Nature Centre, which is open 09:00 to 17.00 Mon - Fri and sometimes, depending on the season, on weekends. In summer, however, it is often located in the ground floor of the municipality house in the centre of town, which is open during normal finnish working hours, Monday - Friday.


Hetta- Pallas Car Transfer Services
A number of companies, including ours, offer car transfers from one end to the other of the National Park for those planning to hike or ski its length. Ask for further details.

Bird watching towers
Sotkajärvi and Yrjö Kokko bird watching towers are good places to observe the life of the typical birds of Lapland during the short but intense arctic summer.

The Yrjö Kokko bird tower is surrounded by an amazing fell and river scenery. . You can see Siberian jays around the campfire. This friend of hikers is more than happy to share your meal. The lush lake Sotkajärvi is a valuable wetland. Its typical inhabitants include smew, swan, white-tailored eagle, duck and goose. On summer nights, you can hear the vibrant song of the bluethroat, also called the nightingale of Lapland, from both bird watching towers.

Sotkajärvi lake is 18 kilometres towards Palojoensuu from Hetta on Highway 93, the tower is on the north side of the road. It is accessible by wheelchair. The Yrjö Kokko tower is 9,5 kilometres from the Fell Lapland Nature Centre intersection towards Vuontisjärvi on the road 956. . There is also a bird watching tower in Markkinajänkkä, 6-8 kilometres north of Karesuvanto.

Downhill Ski Slopes and Heliskiing Potential
The ski slopes at Hetta Hiihtomaa are 250 to 800 metres long, and children have their own 100 metres ski slope and sledding hill. The slopes are the perfect steepness for learning to telemark or carve on, and advanced skiers and telemark skiers will find an abundance of widerness slopes for their enjoyment in Enontekiö.

Whilst we have run a number of corporate heli-skiing programes (eg for Nike ACG and Lapin Kulta) in the Kilpisjärvi region in the past, the Finnish northern helicopters are currently being reserved for rescue and other medical purposes so this is a bit more challenging to operate without bringing in helicopters from Sweden.

Find out more from the skiing page

XC Ski Track Network and Back-country Skiing potential
There are 100s of kilometres of tracks open in the area immediately around Hetta in winter. The first tracks start being maintained as soon as the first snows have fallen to sufficient depth. A wider network is opened as soon as the rivers and lakes have frozen securely and by mid-February (traditionally the time of the so-called Finnish skiing holiday), the whole network is open. Trails continued to be groomed as long as conditions stay good. Skiers with back-country skis should also check out the Käsivarsi and Pöyrisjärvi Wilderness Areas.

Find out more from the skiing page

Snowmobile Rental
The snowmobiling season begins in early winter and continues long into the spring. Trails are plentiful; 600 kilometres of trails run through Enontekiö. One of the most significant is the Victoria trail that runs along the Finnish-Swedish border from Muonio to Kilpisjärvi. Enontekiö also has snowmobile trails maintained by Metsähallitus, the Finnish state forestry enterprise, these trails require a separate trail pass.

Jari Joki (next door to Majatalo, tel. 040 8209308) and Hetta Safaris (http://www.en.hettasafaris.com/) both rent snowmobiles. However Hetta Safaris prefers to send a guide with you on your safari rather than just letting you hire them on your own unless you are clearly very expereinced with both driving the machines and navigating trails in an arctic wilderness.

You can find a link here to snowmobile routes in the Southern part and in the Kasivarsi / Kilpisjärvi region of Enontekiö.

Frisbee Golf
Frisbee golf is a fun family game. Are you an aerodynamics wizard who can make the Frisbee fly between the trees? The nine-hole Frisbee course in Hetta is open every day, round the clock. The course is free, and you can rent Frisbees from the Fell Lapland Nature Center.

You can find a map of the summer frisbee golf course here and you can find a map of the winter frisbee golf course here.

Equipment Rental and River Transfer Services
Winter and summer outdoor gear can be hired from a number of companies locally (including from Hetta Huskies). We will be happy to point you in the right direction, depending on your needs.

River Transfer Services
Many summer visitors like to arrange for transfers to river put ins and / or take outs to facilitate river journeys. Of course, the paddling equipment and guiding on those rivers can also be arranged. We can normally arrange both equipment hire, guiding and or transfers in-house but if we cannot help you in this matter then we will connect you to someone who can.

Lapin Loitsu
This is a local business offering company corporate gifts selected on an ecological, cultural and ethical basis from lapish entrepreneurs as well as a corporate communications service. http://www.lapinloitsu.fi/