Reindeer Farm Visit

This product visits one of the largest working farms in Enontekiö. They not only have their traditional reindeer herding business in operation, but they also run a small horse-riding and training stables, and they also catch, tame and train a number of reindeer each year, to drive sleighs. Hence, during your visit, you will have the opportunity to gain an insight into both the traditional ways of life of the rein-deer-herding Sami community, and the lifestyle of the Sami in the 21st century, as they incorporate modern machinery and opportunities into their ancient lifestyle.

During your tour of the farm, you will be introduced to some of the tame reindeer and taken on a reindeer sleigh ride. There will also be plenty of time for questions about the methods of reindeer husbandry used in this remote Northern Municipality, over a hot drink and snack in a comfortable wooden kota on the farm. You can learn about what reindeer eat in the winter, why they now have to be provided with sup-plemental food in the coldest months, what this supplemental fodder is and how it is transported to them whilst they roam freely.

Learn, too, about how the herders know which reindeer belong to them and how the families work together as in the days of old, during, for instance, the ear-marking season. You may be surprised by some of the things that you will learn; for instance, that the Sami used to insulate their shoes with grass but that they now use newspaper – or why the dreaded mosquito, so much a part of the Arctic land-scape in summer months, is actually much appreciated by the reindeer herders.

Price: €65 for adults and €45 for children under 12 (children under 2, free).
Minimum group size: 2
Price includes: A c. 20 minute reindeer sleigh ride (2 pax / sleigh), a talk about reindeer husbandry and life as a reindeer herder in Lapland, a lasso-throwing demonstration and chance to try throwing the lasso and to feed the reindeer. Hot drinks in a Lappish Kota and a dried or smoked reindeer meat snack.

Short visits are also occassionally possible (One hour, without lunch, for €25) - preferably on Thursdays.