Evening Feed Challenge

If you have stayed in Hetta for more than a couple of days, you are, no doubt, wondering what on earth is happening between 5.30 and 6.30pm. (The times may vary in the winter season.) Don't worry - it is nothing bad. It is just the sound of a hungry husky pack barking eagerly for food and then howling in appreciation.

We offer an 'evening feeding experience' as an alternative (and often as an 'add on' for those who want to spend yet more time with the dogs) to a standard farm visit, since some people like to have a true hands-on experience with the dogs and to learn a little more about how we take care of them. This is the first true taste that you can get of what it means to be a guide, working daily with all of these dogs.

The product starts with food preparation and transportation from the kitchen to the farm. You will then normally be assigned to the cage area, since this involves the least lifting and carrying. (Even feeding huskies can be quite physical.) It is also, probably, the most fun area in that that is where the unruly pups live!

An experienced guide will go through the feed with you, explaining why the different dogs get different amounts and how we determine these amounts through weekly dog checks, etc. You will learn about the importance of good nutrition and hydration and how we deal with the challenges of hydrating the dogs adequately in the winter months.

NB: Even children can enjoy this activity safely. Indeed, some of the local youngsters come here quite regularly in the summer months to help with our evening feeds and to play with the dogs at the same time.

Duration: 1 hour 30mins
Price: Adults €30, Children €20, Families €75 (<5, inc. up to 2 adults)