Summer Activities

The arctic is also a wonderful destination in the summer months. Not only does the landscape change dramactically but so too do the outdoor activities which are possible.

Indeed, each season's unique benefits are detailed in the 'When to Come' section of our website.

The dogs are keen to meet new people, year round. They may just be a little more shy in summer than in winter so we don't get so many visitors outside of the mushing season (it means that they appreciate it all the more, when you come to visit them!). On and around the farm itself, there are still a wide number of activities open to you including the puppy agility trail, the short local hikes, the chance to explore the GEE HAW maze and to try out the farm orienteering course.

Slightly further afield, there are alternative adventurous options available including hiking and canoeing journeys. If, for instance, you are interested in seeing some of the hidden trail highlights around Hetta, I am sure that you would have many potential canine friends (and guides) keen to join you for some hik-joring (hiking with the dogs attached to you with belts and lines) in the nearby area.

Alternatively, you can book a summer adventure day during which you spend part of the day on the farm with the guides and dogs and another part out on either the Suonttajoki river and Lake Ounasjarvi (an open water adventure) or kayaking between Lakes Muotkajarvi and Ounasjarvi.

Find out more about the various summer activities that are available, in this section.