We essentially have three different multiday safaris and these can either be purchased as simple safaris or in a number of different packages including room and board, either side of the tour.

• Our premier 5-DAY WILDERNESS MUSHING SAFARI runs through the winter from January to April and can be purhcased as a ground-only price (aka just the tour itself), or with room and board either side.
In other words, it can also be purchased as either a 7-day or an 8-day package, with an additional free day in which to see the area.
The 8-day package is the best value for money and also includes transfers from Enontekiö airport (Kittilä airport transfers can be arranged for an additional fee).

• Our 2-DAY POLAR NIGHT SAFARI includes either a night in a wilderness cabin or a night back at the farm homestead, (sleeping in a traditional 'kota' and working with the dogs on the farm), and runs from mid December-end April. We don't have an advertised package price for this product, but of course room and board on either side of the safari can be arranged.

Our 3-DAY TAIGA TOUR (which can be purchased as a ground-only price or as a package, with room and board either side), runs primarily in April when we have additional capacity.
Earlier in the season, we can only run one longer tour each week between January and March since we have too many other safari needs also at this time. If, therefore, you are keen to participate in a 3-day tour, it is best to request a slot in April when we can generally always accommodate you or try to get a group together in advance and request a group booking.
3-day tours can be booked either as a ground-only price or as an all-inclusive 5 day package, with room and board either side.

Multiday Tour Options 2-day Tour 3-day Taiga Tour 5-day Taiga Tour + Package 5-day Wilderness Safari 7-day Wilderness Safari Package 8-day Arctic Mushing Package
Ground-only / All-inclusive Ground-only Price Ground-only Price All-inclusive Package Ground-only Price All-inclusive Package All-inclusive Package
Overall Product Length 2 days 3 days 5 days 5 days 7 days 8 days
No. nights accommodation inc. 1 2 4 4 6 7
No. of Days of Mushing 2 3 3 5 5 5
Distance 60-80km 90 - 120km 90 - 120km c.200km c.200km c.200km
Price per adult €495 €950 €1125 €1525 €1700 €1775
Price per child €255 €950 €1250 €1525 €1700 €1775

Can my child come too?

NB: We get asked so frequently about optimal participation ages for children that we have included a note about this here. Please see our FAQ page for other freqently asked questions.

Children participating in multiday tours who are driving their own sleighs, are charged as adults. We only include a child price for the shortest overnight tours since, although we don't recommend children sitting in a sleigh for the whole day, we are occassionally persuaded that it would suit certain children. Please note also that although we have had children as young as 9 driving their own sleighs within a family group on the longer tours, April is the best month for this (longer, warmer days, etc) and we are unlikely to take a child younger than c. 12 within a standard mixed-age adult group since it wouldn't be fair on the other clients. Again, the later in the season, the better, when kids are involved. FYI: We sometimes get a number of enquiries from small family groups at the same time. When this happens we can try to put the families with children together, so please be flexible with your dates.