Summer Adventure Activity Possibilities in Hetta

There are a host of different things to do in summer in Hetta - but most of them involve nature or the outdoors so if you are a city person, this might not be the destination for you!

The tiny frontier village of Hetta is truly in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by wilderness areas and national parks. Indeed, Finland's Lemmenjoki National Park, nearby, in combination with the Ovre Anarjokka National Park just over the border, together form the largest wilderness area in Europe. Here, you are just as likely, in this incomparable 4250m2 playground to encounter wolves, bear, wolverine, fox, elk and reindeer as you are to encounter other humans. So come and explore with us, in the wilderness playground around our farm.

The section of our website which details the summer outdoor activities for which the area is known is worth having a look at, at this point. So too is the section about nature-based outdoor activities possible through the year.

All of our standard summer products described in this section can be tailored to suit different types of groups and fitness levels and we have a number of pre-made packages designed to save you time and money over trying to find and book each activity separately.

However, feel free to get in touch with us directly if you are a group wanting more than the husky, kayak, bike and nature-based products we generally offer within our product portfolio since we can easily include things like zip wires, abseiling and adventure challenges or team building exercises into our adventure days or organise standalone hiking, rafting or bike journeys through the arctic wilderness.