Hiking Trails around Hetta

Hiking around Hetta, in one of Europe's last great wilderness areas can be really fun - with or without husky companions. Some trails are well marked and can be accessed on foot in summer and on cross country ski in winter. Others, are a true navigational challenge through 100s of kilometers of unmarked arctic tundra and are only advised for the experienced hiker in summer or back country ski tourer in winter.

However long or short your trip, we are happy to arrange guides for you or to point you in the right direction.

Hiking with huskies on suitable trails can be just as rewarding as mushing with them. You get a lot of time interacting directly with your dog and they absolutely love you for the chance to do something out of the ordinary. Whilst most of the hikes described here are best attempted in the 'non-snow' months, some are also possible in the snowy months by using snowshoes. In each case, if you have chosen to take dogs with you, the dogs are attached to you with a skijoring line clipped to a waistbelt, so there is no fear that you will accidentally let them go.

Short-Distance Day Hikes
Multi-Day Hikes

Short-Distance Day Hikes

One trail which can be explored in both summer and winter leads out straight from the centre of the village on the illuminated ski track. It soon breaks off along the 'reindeer' boardwalks and then returns to the main paths via a seldom visited ridge between the large marshes. This is a really pretty trail that normally takes c. 2 hours to complete. It is slightly less physical than the ridge option described below, but there are not as many 'turn-around' places on it for young children.

A particular favourite with the guides is a beautiful ridge walk c. 4km from the far end of Hetta which is seldom discovered by visitors to the area. The ridge trails crisscross each other many times, giving multiple vantage points to a river on one side and a wilderness lake on the other. It is a particularly fun trail for children since they can make decisions as to which path to take at every junction and you needn't worry about becoming lost since all paths come back together in the end. This is normally offered either as a 2-hour product in summer or a half-day hike out to the far end of the ridge, returning along the shore-line of the lake.

A slightly longer hiking path that is a favourite of ours on our days off is the 17km Pahtajarvi loop which follows a skyline trail to the North of Hetta and returns beside a spectacular gorge. This hike generally takes between 5 and 6 hours to complete, including a stop for lunch break in a wilderness cabin. On this trail, your dog will carry its own water and snacks on its back in a 'doggy rucksack' so you will have no extra weight to carry for them.

Multi-Day Hikes

Hetta-Pallas is the classic hike in the region and we are happy to arrange car transfers from one end to the other for you or even to guide you on the journey itself.

The Pöyrisjärvi wilderness area is where we take those who are interested in more challenging navigation, far from other tourists. You are unlikely to see anyone other than reindeer herders during your hike in this area.

Kilpisjarvi also has some classic hiking and skiing routes and is a favourite destination of our guides in their free time in late spring.

Further afield, we are happy to offer mountain hikes close to our base in the Lyngen Alps (Norway) or in the Kebnekaise area of Northern Sweden. These, often glaciated, routes, are not suitable for the huskies.