Intensive Courses in Sleddog Guiding

Our intensive 'experiential' guide training programmes are from 1 day to 1 week in length and are available throughout our low season. If you are keen to come for a different length of time to those specified then just contact us directly - we may be able to come up with a customised product for you. Unfortunately, we do not offer these programmes between December and March.

We cover the same modules, year-round, during our intensive sleddog camps. However, the training that we do with the dogs differs with each season. Hence, think carefully about when you want to be here in order to get the most out of the experience. Summer Training Week, an Autumn Training Week and a Winter Conditioning Week

The course is presented in a modular format. Some of these modules are consistent through all courses and all seasons (for instance helping with basic care routines and basic meds) whilst others can be selected or left out depending on the interests of the participating group. If there are big differences in interest within the group, we may also be able to split the group to a degree if some, for instance, are more interested in ethics or dog care and others in the preparation of equipment. In other words, there is a high degree of flexibility built into the course structure and one of the first things we do at the end of your first morning on the farm is to sit down and talk through what it is that you really hope to get out of the week, so that we can then structure the rest of the week accordingly.

Depending on how busy the time frame is, you will also have the opportunity to 'play' in the area with the guides after work on at least a couple of evenings. In summer months, for instance, participants have participated in local hikes and paddles and have even attended local events with the guide group after work hours.

2017 Dates


3-day Intensive Sleddog Camp

7-day Sleddog Training Course


Week 38: Sept. 17th - 19th Sept. 17th - 23rd Places Available
Week 39: Sept. 24th - 26th Sept. 24th - 30th Places Available
Week 40: Oct. 1st - 3rd Oct. 1st - 7th Places Available
Week 41: Oct. 8th - 10th Oct. 8th - 14th Places Available

Price: €999

Price Includes: 6 nights accommodation in a hotel and half board.

The 2015 Winter Guide-School will run from November 27th - December 3rd 2015. (Ground-only dates: 28th - 2nd).
Price: €1200 including 6 nights accommodation in a hotel and half board.

At the end of November / start of December there is normally snow on the ground. Some years we will have been mushing already for 2 months and the dogs have settled into their routines and are well behaved. Other years, they are just starting to transition to snow at this time - and the rest of the daily and weekly tasks have to slot in, regardless.

The 2016 Spring Guide-School will run from April 17th - April 23rd 2016. (Ground-only dates: 18th - 22nd).
Price: €1200 including 6 nights accommodation in a hotel and half board.

This period, towards the end of our winter snow season, is a time to play and work on GEE HAW training, speed training etc with the dogs. The mushing we do at this time can be quite challenging as we work on trails we have just opened specifically for directional training but it is also a fun time to work with the dogs in teams.


3-day Intensive Sleddog Camp

7-day Sleddog Training Course


Week 42: Oct. 15th - 17th Oct. 15th - 21st Places Available
Week 43: Oct. 22nd - 24th Oct. 22nd - 28th Places Available
Week 44: Oct. 29th - 31st Oct. 29th - Nov. 4th Places Available
Week 45: Nov. 5th - 7th Nov. 5th - Nov. 11th Places Available