Guided Farm Visit & Puppy Agility Trail

Taking pups out on a walk / run around the agility course is one of the most popular 'add ons' to farm tours. The course itself runs within the boundary of the farm - just in case someone lets go of a lead by accident!

As you can imagine, this is a favourite with our slightly older pups. (The younger ones need their 'paws' held at first since the obstacles, on first try, can be a little scary.) If need be, we will teach you how to encourage them through each obstacle and how to get them to listen to your commands when trying to tell them to stay on the obstacles where they are supposed to lie down calmly.

Very brave / strong visitors may, of course, choose to try the course with one of the adult dogs. They will be very happy to revert to their puppy days and to play with you - although it sometimes becomes difficult to tell if it is the people who are walking the dogs or the dogs walking the people! The dogs' desire to pull is in-built and very strong and we teach them to always pull rather than to 'heel' so be prepared for an active time on the farm!

Duration: c. 1 hour
Price: Adults €20, Children €15, Families (up to 5, inc. 2 adults) €50)