Summer Taster Ride with the dogs by quadbike

It is possible for small groups to add a ‘quad-bike safari’ on to the standard farm visit so long as the temperatures are not too high for the dogs to run. This is a very hands-on activity in which you will interact with the dogs a lot as well as gaining an insight into how much the dogs love to work whenever they get the chance. You will see, first-hand, some of the thrills and excitement of running with the dogs as well as the challenges involved in training them to behave well in the line.

We start by assembling the team of dogs with your help. We generally put 6 to 8 dogs in front of the quad and one adult (or two children) can sit on each of the two available quads with a guide. Each round of our 2km Autumn training route takes about 10 minutes including a recovery stop for the dogs half way. If more than two rounds will be needed for everyone in the group to have a turn on the quad, we will need to change over the dogs between the rounds to ensure that they do not get too hot. When they have finished, you can join us in saying thank-you to the dogs by giving them a well-earned cool drink before walking them back to their individual kennels.

NB: Whilst we can add this activity onto a farm tour relatively easily, we prefer to have the dog drinks prepared and ready at the farm ready for the return of the teams. Hence, please try to tell us that you are interested in this before we start.

Duration: The 2km ride itself probably only lasts about 10 mins but the preparation and take down from it, including the farm tour, will easily last >1hour.
Summer Quad Price: Adults €30, Children €20

NB: We can take 3 adults or 6 children per tour with the quad and we will only run the dogs with the quad if the temperatures are below 5C.