Husky Safaris, Guide Training & Other Activities

We not only offer winter dog-sledding safaris and wilderness husky journeys in Finnish Lapland but also a wide range of outdoor activities year-round in the vicinity of Hetta, Enontekio.

For those who simply wish to visit the farm, learn about the life of sled dogs and guides and interact with the dogs, you are more than welcome to drop by at any time of the year. The dogs (particularly the pups) are friendly and sociable and will love it if you choose to take them on a training walk around the agility course or the GEE HAW maze. In addition to farm visits, summer visitors may like to take part in our multi-activity adventure days, canoe journeys or husky hikes.

When it comes to actual mushing, our husky safaris range in length from 2 hours to 7 days, with the shortest standard product being a 2km taster ride, and the longest, a 200km journey. In order for you to find the ideal product for you, choose first, whether you are interested in an experience that can fit into a ‘single-day’ or one that fits, rather, into our ‘multi-day’ safari category. Within the 'single-day' category we have a number of so-called ‘core’ safaris. These are available at short notice, on tracks that we permanently keep open through the winter. All other products require a degree of pre-booking, even if only to ensure that we have time to prepare the wilderness cabins that we will visit with you and the food that we will serve.

For those of you who have been fully bitten by the husky / mushing bug, we have a range of training and placement schemes for aspirant guides which vary in length from a one-day taster to a full Gap year programmes.

Autumn is our main training season for the dogs and would-be mushers are welcome to join our conditioning camps. This is the time of year when guides are with the dogs nearly every hour of the day, trying out new combinations of dogs and reminding them about how to behave. If it is the dogs that drive you, this could actually be the best time of year to experience life with the huskies.