Our Winter Guides

Our key guides have all worked in the sleddog world for a number of years and are completely committed to both the dogs and to ensuring that you have the holiday of a lifetime.

Charlotte | Gemma | Lorin | Carl | Eliel


Charlotte has worked with huskies in a number of places including in Iceland and Canada so she comes with a wealth of stories from many different types of farms. She is originally from Strasbourg in French and is a pâtissier (pastry chef) by trade. Whilst that might seem a stange background for someone working with dogs, it is actually a great benefit since she can literally whisk a cake right out of her buff whenever we are in need. When not running tours and looking after dogs, she manages the gear room and stays on top of all of the constant repairs the dogs neccessitate. Outside of work, she enjoys peaceful journeys by backcountry ski into the nature and her favourite time of year is Autumn when the dogs are gearing up for all of the challenges of the winter season to come. Ask Charlotte about Jopa (her favourite dog) and our adoption plan for oldies.


Gemma is Australian and although she also has a semi-Swiss heritage, her second language is french rather than german. When not busy running tours and looking after the dogs, Gemma spends time answering client emails, making copious versions of dog feeding plans through the season and designing all of our trail maps. (Hence the photo of her looking less than thrilled, in front of the computer, since clearly we would all prefer to be outside with the dogs!).

Gemma's favourite time of year is Spring when there is time for adventures of our own on the trails. When not on the farm, she enjoys meeting up with friends and family around the world and taking part in mountain adventures. Ask Gemma about Nomad and Olive (her favourite dogs) and the science and art of making dog teams. (We are just wondering when she will notice the image which we found on her facebook photos, which makes it look like she is dancing with a dogsleigh, or the funny Gif!).


Lorin is also Australian and has worked with a number of different husky companies. We are thankful that she keeps on being drawn back to us because she knows that the extra hours and proceedures that we try to include in each and every day are ultimately for the benefit of the dogs and that their welfare always comes first. If you get Lorin onto the subject of sleddog ethics, this quietly spoken young lady will educate you confidently from a perspective of personal knowledge. Incidentally, she was also the Australian Irish Dancing Champion in her youth! Ask Lorin about Zeta (an impossible rescue dog that she still adores) and sleddog ethics, welfare & responsible tourism.


It will seem like most of our guides are antipodean when we say that Carl, who is here on a work-placement visa, is from New Zealand. A master of many trades, Carl is liked by all and able to turn his hand to both doggy tasks, building tasks and computer tasks with fairly equal dexterity. A chef by trade, you can be sure that the food will be both creative and good when he is around (apart from the one time, with the guides, that porridge was used in an unusual way, but we won't say more about that!). He is also good at getting snowmobiles unstuck! Ask Carl about Siku and Koda, the malamutes he brought with him from NZ (his three kids were left temporarily behind!) and the art of training sleddogs (or building a farm from scratch)!


Eliel was born in May 2010 and isn't quite fully functioning as a guide quite yet. Maybe we will wait until he can at least read and write for that (they don't even start to learn, in Finland, until they are 7!). Eliel has been driving sleighs since he was 2 and driving without someone controling his speed from behind since he was c. 4. You can find a few videos of him in action on his section of our youtube channel. He took part in his first solo race (the Barnas Finnmarksloppet (children's Finnmarksloppet)) pulled by 4 dogs when he was just 5. When he was very little, he was quite amenable in terms of introducing clients to the farm and dogs. Now it is a bit more hit and miss. However, he is perfectly capable of feeding the farm if we can persuade him to leave his minecraft behind and he sometimes translates for his mom or for visiting artists (eg our Joiku singer) if they are struggling with communication between English and Finnish. Ask Eliel about Atlas, Tryfan and Unni (his favourite dogs) and about Minecraft and Pokemon. He may also show you his treehouse if you are lucky!