Client Feedback

All of our clients are encouraged to leave feedback for us, so that we can build and develop our business in a customer-centric way. Nowadays, however, feedback comes in many forms.

Tripadviser is obviously one important review forum.


However, so too is our facebook page and google reviews are also very useful to us...Hence, we would definitely appreciate any positive commentary on any of those forums...

Personal / travel blogs also seem to be becoming more frequent. We occassionally find blogs which cover our client's time with us but if you are writing one for sure, please let us know. We would love to read about how you really felt about the whole experience!

Quite a few clients have also written press and magazine articles about their time with us.

Still others have let us share in the videos they have made about their time with our dogs (and us).

We would love to get your feedback too!

Any and all feedback is appreciated since without it we might miss areas in which there is room for improvement. And, of course, when you have had the time of your lives, we also love to hear that to share that with the guides who work so hard to try to make that possible for all of those who visit with us.